Dream: the uncanny mothmen

I opened the door and there were two men in 40s-style lived-in raincoats, hats and suits. They were in the their fifties. They carried on ringing the bell after I’d opened the door, as though they planned to hold out for someone better. I asked them what they wanted and they said that I should […]


Free today

The Kindle edition of my book is free today (Sunday the 10th of June), so why not download it, read it, give it a five-star Amazon review, then buy copies of the paperback for your extended family, friends, workmates and acquaintances? Or just download it.



At Tower Bridge   The surly-polite crowd With flags and anoraks With bunting and occasional grins Entirely hides the fleet   A whispered fanfare Rumours of the Queen The bitter, hard-driving June rain This is Britain

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