Over the last few days there has been a mini-epidemic of people coming to this site because they Googled “What looks like a bunch of bananas but isn’t?” (WordPress tells me some of the search terms people use to come here – and they were all getting to a piece of flim-flam I wrote called Labour-Schmaving.) Perhaps only the first of them was genuinely looking for the answer. The rest have probably come because I mentioned the search on FaceBook.

Anyway, if you were that first person and you come here again, I’m afraid that the answer to your question is “nothing”. It’s disappointing I know, but there it is.

To make you feel better, here is a link to a BBC news story about a group of students who have turned some bananas into a piano:

MIT students’ invention turns bananas into keyboard

N.B. You might be tempted to think that this banana piano is something that looks like a bunch of bananas but isn’t. Unfortunately, it’s something that looks like a bunch of bananas but is a bunch of bananas but also (apparently) functions as a piano. If that’s what you were looking for then you need to be more specific with your search terms.

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