I’ve been made ridiculously happy this afternoon by someone I don’t know giving Perpetual Astonishment a five-star review on Amazon. It has increased my determination to rate every book I like from now on: I had never realised the huge pleasure it gives. It is at least as nice as getting that Lego spaceship when I was six, or taking ecstasy that time when I was twenty.

Next time you see me, I’ll have given English Weather by Neil Ferguson a five-star review, because that’s what I’m reading at the moment.

This is it here:

In the middle of reading and already recommending… 11 Jun 2012

Format:Kindle Edition
I have been ambushed by The Perpetual Astonishment. It was lying around our house waiting for my husband to read it, and I was in that unnerving state of being ‘between books’ so I picked it up, loved the cover, started reading and have since resented any interruptions like sleep or work or children complaining of being hungry. In fact I’m enjoying it so much I’m leaving work an hour early just so that I can read it in bed.It is very funny, well written, charming, intelligent and although it could, if it wanted to, swagger about being blatantly cool it has chosen to do it in a modest unassuming way (which, of course, is way cooler).If you need cheering up or just need entertaining then I recommend it 100%. And no, I don’t know the author.

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