Hello. If my emails are landing in your spam folder or promotions tab, here's how to make them go to your main inbox, so you can read them.

This is the simple way that usually works...


You might find my email in the ‘Promotions’ tab (at the top of your inbox) or in the 'Spam' folder (in the menu to the left).

Just drag it from there into the 'Primary' tab. When it asks you if you want to do this for all future messages from me, say 'yes'.

You can also click the three dots at the top of your inbox, choose 'filter', tell it never to send my emails to spam, and categorise this email as 'primary'.

Any other kind of email

If my email's in your ’Spam’ or ‘Junk’ folder, tell your computer it isn’t spam and drag it into your inbox.

Then have a look at the bit below about putting me in your address book.

(There are more detailed instructions in the link at the bottom.)

You can also add me to your address book

Another good way to stop my emails ending up in 'spam' or 'promotions' is to add me to your email contacts list or address book.

In Gmail, open the email, select my name, choose 'more info', and then the little 'add to contacts' icon.

Or click 'Add me to your address book' at the bottom of the email. It downloads a vCard file that you can add to your contacts.

And if you'd like more help...

... there are some more detailed instructions in the link below. These are created by a man who specialises in this sort of thing, and who keeps them updated. Please forgive the odd punctuation in the first sentence.

Click here for the more detailed instructions


After all this, it is an excellent idea to have some cake. Who would have thought it would be so difficult just to get an email?

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