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Hello, come on in. Cup of tea? 

Welcome to my website. It is – and I don't think I'm exaggerating here – the world's foremost repository of Christopher-Shevlin-related information. Which is to say, it will tell you a tiny bit about me and my books.

As I write this, I’ve almost finished my fourth Jonathon Fairfax novel: The Fairfax Redemption. I just have to add the lower-case j’s and then I’m done. Check back here constantly for news – or join my mailing list at the bottom of the page.

If you already have joined my mailing list, I must apologise that it’s been so long since I sent an email (or finished a book). I’ve had long covid* for almost two years now, and I can’t recommend it. Even if you like excessive sleep, deep misery, and slowly using up your life savings, there are far better alternatives out there.

But I’m having more good days now, and I’m planning to apologise to my mailing-list subscribers by giving them a new short story, which I hope to finish soon. It’s called The Casebook of Lance Ferman, and is based on the Sherlock Holmes story, A Study in Scarlet.

Anyway, have a look around the site, and thanks for visiting,


*One day I hope to be one of those authors who raises money for good causes. But as it is, I’ve resorted to setting up a Buy Me a Coffee page just to take small donations to help me keep going. It is, as I mention on the page, strictly for readers who are a) rich, b) very keen for more books by me, or c) outraged at my low prices.


On the Tube one morning, Jonathon bumps into his ex-girlfriend Rachel.

Encounters with exes are tricky for everyone, but for a living mass of foibles and insecurities like Jonathon, they're particularly hard.

And then she reveals that his nemesis, the murderer, is about to be released from prison...

Temporary cover for The Fairfax Redemption
Cover image for The Pursuit of Coconuts


Peter lives on a perfect, unspoiled tropical island. He and the other islanders have everything they need: warm sun, shelter, plenty of fruit to eat. What could possibly go wrong?
A satirical fable about modern life, from the bestselling author of the Jonathon Fairfax novels.


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