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Hello, come on in. Cup of tea? 

Welcome to my website. It is – and I don't think I'm exaggerating here – the world's foremost repository of Christopher-Shevlin-related information. Which is to say, it will tell you a tiny bit about me and my books.

I’m writing this a couple of months after the release of my third Jonathon Fairfax book: The Spy Who Came in from the Bin. So far, that's going really unbelievably well. I'm really grateful to everyone who's bought it, reviewed it, recommended it, trimmed their hedges in the shape of it, etc. Thank you.

In fact, all of that has been so encouraging that I've started a monthly(ish) newsletter, which one or two people seem to prefer to the books. If you sign up for it, you get a free copy of The Deleted Scenes of Jonathon Fairfax, as well as special offers and things. It'll also tell you about my (non-Jonathon) novella that's coming soon.

I should also mention that I've started a fourth Jonathon book, as well as another novel.

Anyway, have a look around, and thanks for visiting,



(If, er, if that's all right?)

He only knows three things about himself: he's polite, he likes tea, and everyone's trying to kill him. Set in Berlin, the book begins as a somehow familiar figure wakes up in a bin with no idea who he is. He has to find out, while he still can...

Cover of The Spy Who Came in from the Bin
The Deleted Scenes of Jonathon Fairfax


Join the mailing list and get six chapters that didn't quite make the final cut of Perpetual Astonishment, plus one from the second book. There's a deleted subplot, a crisis in a life-drawing class, and some life advice for Lance...


Sign up to my mailing list and you'll get a free copy of The Deleted Scenes of Jonathon Fairfax, as well as my monthly(ish) newsletter, which has updates, special offers, free stories and what-not.