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Hello, come on in. Cup of tea?

Welcome to my website. It is – and I don't think I'm exaggerating here – the world's foremost repository of Christopher-Shevlin-related information. Which is to say, it will tell you a tiny bit about me and my books.

I'm writing this on the day my new book's released, so I'm quite nervous. It's called The Fairfax Redemption, and it's the fourth Jonathon Fairfax novel. I really loved writing it – in fact, it kept me going through long covid*, which I've had for two years. I think I'm getting over it now, so it's great to feel that I'm coming back to life just as my book comes out.

I'm still revelling in my new-found ability to walk around without getting ill. But once I've got over that, I'll be finishing a Jonathon Fairfax short story, which I'll send free to people on the good old mailing list. Sign up, if you'd like it.

Anyway, have a look around the site, and thanks for visiting,


*I set up a Buy Me a Coffee page to help me through it. If you feel like chipping in with a small cup of tea, that would be splendid.


On the Tube one morning, Jonathon Fairfax bumps into Rachel, who broke his heart eleven years ago. She reveals that her terrifying uncle (a man Jonathon knows only as ‘the murderer’) is about to be released from prison...


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