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I’ve always tried to tell friends if I notice something about them that I like – a new coat or a tendency to be tremendous. But since my book’s been around (I mean the one I care about, rather than the two rubbish ones I was paid to do) I’ve started to tell people who […]


Low-key supernatural

Last weekend I was at my friend Francesca’s house. There were four of us there, drinking wine, talking and listening to music on her boyfriend’s iPod, which was on top of the bookshelf. (Incidentally, Francesca is the only person I know who orders her books by colour.)  We were sprawling around on the sofa or […]



I just wanted to say hello to Norma and Henry, the first subscribers to this blog. I’m too new to this to really understand what a subscriber is, but I’m sure it’s a Good Thing and that Norma and Henry are both splendid coves. And thank you to the 48 people who have now bought […]


Welcome, Stumbleupon people

I’ve started getting lots of hits for Labour Schmaving, which has just got onto Stumbleupon. I hadn’t heard of Stumbleupon before, but I’ve just had a look and it seems like a really good idea. Anyway, if that’s how you’ve come here, welcome. Stay and have a look around, if you have the time.