The Fairfax Redemption

COMING SOON! The fourth novel in the Jonathon Fairfax trilogy

Temporary cover for The Fairfax Redemption

Ever feel like the world’s conspiring against you?

Jonathon Fairfax can’t even get on the London Underground without bumping into someone he’s desperate to avoid – like Rachel, his first love, who demolished his heart eleven years ago. His frail nervous system buckles when she tells him that her terrifying uncle (a man Jonathon knows only as ‘the murderer’) is about to be released from prison.

Does the murderer blame Jonathon for his time inside? Will he seek revenge? To find out, Jonathon follows him … to a north London chicken shop shrouded in sinister rumours. As Jonathon finds out more, he’s drawn ever deeper into a web of conspiracy theorists, organised criminals and evil Etonians.

But who should Jonathon really be afraid of? The murderer on the loose or bumbling celebrity politician Teddy Robinson? The Russian mafia or the owner of a chain of chicken shops whose fries – if the dark rumours are true – may not be made of potato? 

After all, they can’t all be out to get him – can they?

The Fairfax Redemption will be out soon.

Where to get it

You can't get this anywhere yet. But it'll be out soon, in Kindle and paperback. If you're on my mailing list, I'll let you know when it's coming.


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