The Fairfax Redemption

COMING SOON! The fourth novel in the Jonathon Fairfax trilogy

Temporary cover for The Fairfax Redemption

The world conspires against Jonathon Fairfax

He can’t even get on the Tube without bumping into inconvenient figures from his past – in this case, Rachel, who broke his heart eleven years ago.

Even more inconveniently, she tells him that another figure from his past – ‘the murderer’ – is about to be released from prison.

Does the murderer blame Jonathon for his time inside? Will fate hurl Jonathon into the murderer’s path? Should Jonathon pre-emptively hurl himself? Why is the murderer now spending so much time in a chicken shop? And can all the rumours about it be true?

As conspiracy theories swirl, Jonathon and his friends try desperately – and entirely unsuccessfully – to prevent a new adventure breaking out.

But who does Jonathon have more to fear from: the murderer, or celebrity politician Teddy Robinson and his shadowy cabal of evil bumbling Etonians?

Pick up the latest Jonathon Fairfax novel immediately!*

* I mean, once it's got a proper cover and is actually on sale.

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