The Pursuit of Coconuts

A satirical fable

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How many coconuts does a person need?

Peter wakes on a perfect, unspoiled tropical island. He has no idea who he is.

Neither does Angela. Nor Larry, nor Fifi, nor Tom. They know the names they've just invented for themselves, but not who dressed them in identical clothes and supplied them with the handy tools they find in their backpacks.

Still, they have everything they need: sun, shelter, plenty of fruit. What could possibly go wrong.

Oh. Really?

A satirical fable about modern life, from the bestselling author of the Jonathon Fairfax novels.

A note for readers of the Jonathon Fairfax books

Hello. I just wanted to tell you that this is a bit different from my Jonathon Fairfax books. 

It’s quite short, for one thing – a lot of people tell me they read it in one sitting. And where the JF books were inspired by my heroes Douglas Adams and PG Wodehouse, this one has more the feel of George Saunders and Andrew Kaufman – or, as one of my advance readers said, an episode of Black Mirror. 

I’ve always really liked this story, ever since it first appeared in my brain a few years ago. I kept obsessively coming back to it, and finally finished it in lockdown. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it.

P.S. I haven’t stopped writing Jonathon Fairfax books.

P.P.S. You should also have a listen to this book-o-mmercial (TM) sent to me by the excellent Maxine Parker, who is a talented composer (and a reader).

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(This bit is a note from me.)

Where to get it

The Kindle version's out now, and you can also get the paperback from Amazon. Paperbacks from other online shops will be available soon.

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