The Spy Who Came in from the Bin: a Jonathon Fairfax novel

The third novel in the Jonathon Fairfax trilogy

Cover of The Spy Who Came in from the Bin
He only knows three things about himself: he’s polite, he likes tea, and everyone wants to kill him.

Berlin: a man wakes up in a bin* with no idea who he is. He’s taken to hospital for treatment. Then people start trying to assassinate him.

The man has to find out why, how to get them to stop, and what the CIA has to do with all this. There’s also the little problem of working out who he used to be, and why that changed. Meanwhile, his girlfriend Piper and best friend Lance are trying to find him …

Jonathon Fairfax – still the world’s most socially awkward hero – is back. If only he knew.

'One of the funniest books I have read this year … Like The Bourne Identity reworked by Douglas Adams.'

Scott Pack (former head buyer for Waterstones)

'Written with the gentle comic precision of Nina Stibbe and Neil Gaiman, you need Jonathon Fairfax in your life right now.'


*That’s a trashcan or dumpster, for American readers.

If you've read The Spy, you might be interested in this page about how it relates to reality (which contains spoilers) or skip straight to my more detailed page of CIA facts.

The Jonathon Fairfax novels can be read in any order.

Where to get it

There are problems ordering this from bookshops (apart from Amazon). We're working on sorting them out. In the meantime, try ordering from your local bookshop (ISBN:  978-0-9569656-5-3).


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