My book has been reviewed by Sarah Castell (an improviser with Red Lorry Yellow Lorry, among much else) on Amazon and on her lovely blog, here:

It’s pretty much exactly how I hoped people would respond to the book:

This book is, in a way, a manifesto for us all to recapture our childlike state of astonishment with the world.  Which is good. It comes from a happy place and made me laugh. I liked it.

This is a relief, since I haven’t shown the book to anyone in ages, and the good feeling I got when people liked it then (and particularly when it got me an agent) has largely worn off, especially since it was rejected by publishers. Their categorising it as “black comedy” always seemed a bit odd to me. I know that someone’s murdered in the first chapter, but I’ve always seen it as being quite a sunny, innocent book.

I’m very glad that’s how it seemed to Sarah too.

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