Extensively remodelled website on quiet internet cul-de-sac

Welcome to my newly remodelled and refurbished website. This prime internet property is under active owner-occupation, and is not – as it may have appeared while I was writing my last book – abandoned.

While you’re here, allow me to give you a quick tour of the place, pointing out some of the recent upgrades.

First up, we have the homepage, which has recently had rationality installed throughout. It is now fully equipped with a brief intro, ads for my latest book and my new newsletter, mentions of all three books, and a place to sign up for that newsletter.

You’ll notice the site has been repainted throughout to match the redesigned book covers, in a shade that the more fashion-forward among you will instantly recognise as ‘orange’.

Detailing includes a convenient footer-mounted GDPR privacy policy, along with whitelisting instructions, to keep those all-important newsletters out of your spam folder.

Moving on, we have an industry-standard suite of pages, including – for the first time – ones for my books and audiobooks. These are complemented by an ‘about’ page (perfectly usable, though perhaps in need of a little maintenance) and a ‘contact’ page, with an all-new, fully-fitted user interface, for all your contacting-me needs.

Feel free to have a look around, making use of the extensive commenting facilities.

And here we are, back at the blog page. You’ll find it cosy and bijou, though possibly a little dated for some tastes. However, the owner has promised to update it more regularly in future.

Goodbye! Don’t be a stranger now.

This website is not licensed for human habitation. Use of it for such purposes is not warranted by the site operators. The information contained in this blog post is provided for educational purposes only. Terms and conditions may apply.

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