Jonathon Fairfax Must Be Destroyed

The second novel in the Jonathon Fairfax trilogy

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'It’s funny, it’s daft-yet-relatable, it’s still a nerve-jangly thriller and it moves at a cracking pace. In fact, if you’re stuck in a bit of a reading rut, it’s just the palate cleanser you need.'

Emerald Street

Longlisted for the Bath Novel Award 2017

Jonathon Fairfax, the world’s most socially awkward hero, works for a giant corporation where he specialises in muttering ‘um’ and tripping over bins. When he accidentally discovers a colossal corporate conspiracy, it soon becomes clear that someone will do anything to keep it secret – including murder. 

Read the book on its own or as a follow-up to The Perpetual Astonishment of Jonathon Fairfax – an Amazon UK #1 bestseller that was shortlisted for the Bath Novel Award 2014. Stylist called it ‘a comic gem’ and The Guardian said, ‘you can’t help being tickled’

'This one is even better than the one before. Buy!'

John Lenahan (bestselling author, magician and voice of the toaster in Red Dwarf)

Where to get it

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How readers describe it…

“A cross between PG Wodehouse and Tom Sharpe.”

"Christopher Shevlin writes the funniest dialogue you'll ever read so you may need to find a private space with this book unless you don't mind laughing out loud in public places.”

“Laugh out loud funny and thought provoking at the same time."

"This is the funniest book I have read in years.”

"Shevlin is a modern English Kurt Vonnegut.”

"Uplifting, a great little gem of a book.”

"I love the Jonathon Fairfax books. They're like a big hug for your neuroses.”

“There are beautiful sentences on every page."

"You'll love the characters and the writing style. What I would give to spend an evening at the local pub with Jonathan and co.”

"Excellent. Every sentence is somewhere between amusing and laugh-out-loud funny.”

"Funny but unusually also a page turner.”

"The only downside is that I find myself missing the characters.”

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